Junk Model Orchestra Workshop

The children in Years 2,3 & 4 took part in a series of workshops led by Saul who set up The Junk Model Orchestra. Describing themselves as ‘creating music from a supersonic recycled collection of objects, rescued and re-invented from the urban sprawl’ they brought with them an assortment of unusual and unique instruments. The children took turns playing bicycle wheels, flipflopaphones, bottle top shakers, fire extinguisherphones, and tin can drums amongst other instruments and said that although they had not seen them before they were easy to play and by just following Saul they could easily pick up the rhythms on the different instruments. They liked the fact that they were learning something new and were inspired to attempt their own creations as Saul shared with them in an assembly how to make a musical instrument out of absolutely anything that they find.
I suspect it’s likely that you may well find your recycling being raided over the next few days!