Y1 Jingles the Unicorn

Anything’s possible when you believe in magic. This maxim was proved to be true on Monday for our year 1 children who had a surprise visit from Jingles the unicorn.

Jingles is one of 3 magical creatures who have crossed from the enchanted realm to our world and the children are working on weekly quests to ensure that they are returned before they are turned to stone forever.  Jingles and his Unicorn keeper had found sanctuary in our woodland copse and asked the children to create a magic potion that would help Jingles fly, so that they can keep hidden until they can return to the enchanted realm.

The children were able to ask lots of questions about how to care for magical creatures and had time individually to stroke Jingles and share their secret wishes.  The visit inspired some of the best writing that the children had done all term as they worked hard together to ensure Jingles’ safety.