High Stile, Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1EB

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High Stile, Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1EB

Tel: 01371 872340

Maths Week

This week, the children have been celebrating maths week with an aim to help promote the enjoyment of mathematics and develop their knowledge and understanding. It was a great chance to help improve their problem solving skills and experience maths in lots of different contexts.

Topics ranged from planning a party for a special guest in Year 2 to creating a zoo in Year 4. Some children in Year 5 were spotted making a model of the Taj Mahal from nets of 3D shapes and children in Year one enjoyed creating a pair of sunglasses for a giant from Jim and the Beanstalk. Feedback from children and teachers has been extremely positive and we are hoping to repeat this again soon so watch this space!


We have worked over the week on naming the basic 2D shapes and describing their properties. We used the books Square and Triangle by Mac Barnett to introduce maths week and then gave the children the challenge of creating their own picture using 2D shapes which they had to describe using shape names and vocab. We became shape detectives and searched for shapes around the school, made large scale shape pictures with foam shapes on the playground, played shape games in PE and played guess the shape!




We have had an exciting time this week completing a number of challenges for Nibbles the Book Monster! Unfortunately, Nibbles found his way into the Giant’s castle this week and broke a many of his things. The children had to work together to learn about how we measure length, capacity and weight in order to make a brand new pair of glasses for the giant, order the correct pair of shoes for him and come up with a “Friendly Giant Potion”. The children learnt how to measure length and then measured their own feet using cubes, then comparing these to the giant footprint we found! We have also had lots of fun making a giant pizza, thinking about how much of each topping we wanted and designing our own recipes. Year 1 successfully completed all of the challenges and saved Nibbles from the angry Giant!



Over the week we have been planning a party for a special guest that we received a letter from on Monday morning. Unfortunately the letter was torn at the bottom so we did not know who would be turning up. As part of our preparations, we first visited Tesco to see how much money we would need to buy various party food and drinks. Following this trip, we used our addition and subtraction skills to work out the combined price of different items and also calculated how much change we would receive. We designed symmetrical decorations and our own wrapping paper of a certain size. We carried out a problem solving investigation about different party outfit combinations and enjoyed planning for and playing party games. Finally, we made some marmalade sandwiches for our special guest and we got to enjoy our party with Paddington Bear himself!



Our theme for our Maths week was houses. For this week we have taken on some tricky challenges. First we were tasked with building Gnome homes. We used multilink to see how many different Gnome homes we could build with only 5 cubes! We also completed another task where we were the developers of a building site containing three different house types. We had to see how many different combinations we could make but we were only allowed to build six houses. We have also written recipes for what makes a good home.


This week, Year 4 have been designing a zoo! We chose different animals and looked at both 2D and 3D shapes to create painted images. To decide which animals would feature in our zoo, we asked a Year 2 class to vote for their favourite creatures; we represented this data in a bar chart. We researched our animals and calculated their distance away from Dunmow St. Mary’s in km. We made symmetrical butterflies and fish, repeated patterned snakes and created maps of our zoos. The children have thoroughly enjoyed artistically experimenting with maths this week!


Year 5 took the opportunity to extend learning around their India topic. They have worked hard to build 3D models of the Taj Mahal based on their net plans. They have drawn giant symmetrical rangoli patterns in the playground; they have calculated the price of travel to India and displayed these in Excel bar graphs; they have cooked samosas, measuring and weighing the ingredients and then calculating the cost of all the ingredients; and they have played repeated raga patterns on the ukuleles.


Year 6 have been looking at maths in the human body. They have looked at heights and calculated the mean and median for their classes; they have measured leg lengths and in PE carried out trials to see if leg length correlated with speed amongst their classmates; they have calculated the area of their palms. Their work culminated in the creation of moveable scale models of themselves which along with written explanations of all their investigations have been compiled into a book.