School Clubs

Thanks to the teachers, teaching assistants, sports coaches and other helpers we are delighted to be able to offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities for the children. We have a mix of paid clubs alongside the free ones so that we can offer a wider variety and high levels of expertise. If a child chooses to attend a club we would hope that they would come each week.

We do however have a policy that if a child does not attend a school-led club for three consecutive weeks (with illness being discounted) their place will be given to a child on the waiting list, should there be one.

If a club has to be cancelled, we do our best to notify the children in advance. If this has not been possible, we will look after the children at school until the time the club should have finished.
Sometimes, outdoor clubs have to be cancelled on the afternoon they are due to take place because of bad weather.

Lunchtime clubs and Y3 – 6 clubs are available to join on an as and when basis however we do keep weekly registers which are held in the school office.

All club places are allocated on a first come, first serve basis once the booking system goes live. You are notified of the club list in advance of the booking system going live. Our booking system is by way of a Google form.

Click on the link to view our latest club list.