Ofsted, SIAMS & Results

Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED)

Overall Effectiveness: Good
Inspection Date: 24th April 2018

Following our recent Ofsted inspection that took place on 24th April we are delighted to be able to share with you the ‘good’ outcome and final published Ofsted report. Please do take time to read the report in full as we believe it absolutely captures the essence of the school and what we are striving to achieve for your children. The report draws attention to the many strengths of our school including our ‘committed workforce’, ‘strong leadership team’ and knowledgeable Governors who bring a ‘wealth of expertise, skills and passion to their roles’.

We are so proud of all our children and really pleased that particular attention is drawn in the report to the fact that ‘Pupil’s behaviour is good. They demonstrated excellent attitudes to learning in all lessons’. We are praised for our ‘rich, broad, purposeful and inspiring curriculum’ which is ‘evidenced throughout the school’ with pupil’s art work and writing being of ‘exceptionally good quality’. Thank you to those parents who completed the parent view survey: the report notes that ‘parents are overwhelmingly supportive of you and your staff,’ and that ‘many parents commented positively on the learning opportunities you and your staff provide for their children’.

There was also significant praise for our teachers an experience and practice: ‘Leaders and teachers make accurate assessments of where pupils are in their learning. Teachers then plan activities accordingly and provide pupils with immediate feedback so that learning is moved on quickly.’ They were also praised for their ‘secure subject knowledge seen at subject-leader and class-teacher level’ as well as their use of ‘precise vocabulary and skilful questioning’. The ’reflective’ approach we have taken in addressing our year 6 SATs results from last year is having a ‘significant impact on improving pupil achievement’.

The report notes that ‘pupils are well cared for at Dunmow St Mary’s. Pupils’ well-being is at the heart of the school and you have made sure that there are rigorous systems in place to help keep pupils safe.’ ‘Pupils told me they enjoy school and a number of pupils said, ‘I love it’.

The Governors and leadership team are delighted that the report accurately reflects our school and completely agree with the Inspector’s view that ‘Dunmow St Mary’s is a vibrant happy place’.


Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

Inspection Date: 3rd October 2019
Inspection Outcome: Good

Every church school has to have a Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist schools (SIAMS). Our latest visit was 3rd October 2019 and we were extremely pleased to retain our ‘Good’ outcome. The report describes how well our school operates as a church school; the depth and strength of our ethos being the standout feature of this.

The report talks about our school as a one with a ‘stimulating environment where pupils can grow’; ‘a place of reconciliation and support where no-one feels unfairly dealt with or ignored’ and a ‘centre for change’.

It recognises the passion of Senior leaders and staff for ensuring the success and well-being of pupils at our school and recognises that ‘staff, pupils and parents feel valued; one parent said, “This is a real community, it doesn’t matter who you are you are welcomed and included”.

Click on the link to view the full copy of our SIAMS report.


Results and Performance tables

There is no requirement to publish our Key Stage Two results for the academic year 2021 to 2022 as the Secretary of State will not publish the data. This is because statutory assessments returned for the first me since 2019 without adaptions, after disruption caused by the pandemic. However, we have decided to put our results on the website and are very pleased that we are broadly in line with national averages.

Our children made expected progress in Reading and Wring and more than expected progress in wring. Please note that the last statutory performance measures are from 2019 which you can see below on this document.

KS2 Expected
Reading 76% 74%  25% 28%
Writing 80% 69% 14% 13%
Maths 66% 71% 19% 22%
RWM combined 58% 59%

Please click on the link to view Dunmow St Mary’s results from previous years and the government performance tables.