Vision and Values

Our Mission

Enjoy learning and working together to achieve our best

Our vision is that:

  • Our children will flourish by becoming resilient, reflective, independent learners in order to achieve their very best academically
  • Our staff will be united in providing a stimulating and supportive learning environment.
  • Our parents will have confidence that their children will receive an education that embraces academic excellence underpinned by strong Christian values.

Our Values are:


Our school community is built upon strong Christian values. We teach the children through our actions and behaviour that truth and respect lie at the heart of everything we do.


We share the belief that a loving, nurturing and inspiring learning environment will lead to academic and emotional security.


We make time to listen to the ideas and needs of every child, understanding that they can be challenged to reach their full potential when they feel valued and happy.


We work hard to ensure that our curriculum provides opportunities for curiosity, exploration, imagination and innovation: through this our children believe that learning possibilities are endless.


We foster an ethos of life-long learning and develop confident achievers who understand the importance of effort, challenge and determination.