High Stile, Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1EB

Tel: 01371 872340


High Stile, Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1EB

Tel: 01371 872340

Rainforest Warriors

Y4 kicked off their exciting topic this half-term, immersing themselves in rainforest life by creating art inspired by what they had heard and seen in a rainforest walkthrough video. They each had a small section of a larger picture to recreate. This represented how we can take small steps to make a larger impact on the world. To reduce our carbon footprint, we have been trying to save paper by printing fewer sheets and copying directly onto scrap paper where possible.

Zoolab visitor

On Thursday 16th June, Y4 had a very special visitor called Elle from the company ‘Zoolab’. She brought with her 5 rainforest creatures for us to look at, learn about and even hold!

The first animal was a Giant African Land Snail. Elle brought two snails with her (Bernard and Ava) and she explained how she can tell them apart by their size and colouration of their shell. We learned that these creatures live on the forest floor and that they have more teeth than all of the class put together! 

The second animal was a millipede called Tilly. Elle told us that the millipede had 360 legs – she worked this out by counting the amount of legs on each segment (4) and multiplying this by the number of segments (90). Millipedes release an unpleasant smell and curl up in a spiral shape to resemble an animal’s poo – this helps them to deter predators.

The next animal was a tarantula called Bellatrix. We couldn’t hold this animal because tarantulas are incredibly fragile and will shatter if you drop them! She is also quite shy and when she feels threatened, she will flick her hairs out towards predators to irritate their eyes and skin. Elle explained how tarantulas walk in a disconnected way because they send water down to each of their limbs to move each leg one at a time.

The next animal was a corn snake called Dexter. He was not fully grown but can reach up to 180cm long. He cannot eat anything wider than his body so the Y4 children were relieved! We held Dexter’s body and saw his shedded skin; his skin was soft and you could feel all of his muscles working to move his body.

The last animal Elle brought was a tree frog called Tiana. We couldn’t hold Tiana as her skin is very delicate and the germs from our hands can injure her. Elle explained that Tiana can jump a metre high and can change the colour of her skin to become green or brown to more closely match her surroundings. When Elle brought her round the class, we could see the sticky tips of Tiana’s feet which she uses to climb through the layers of the rainforest.

We really enjoyed meeting Elle’s animals and learned a lot about the rainforest in the process!